Before designing and restoring homes I painted murals, created stencils and did lots of decorative painting. I also sculpted, carved and created my way through many homes, businesses, and film sets. I spent a year working in the mural studio of Kevin Stuart McGee. I also spent 4 years working with Reinhabit flipping high end homes. Overall I have been a designer for 10 years. Today I still consider my projects as the canvas. I think of myself as an artist first, designer second. I have extensive experience in completing projects from beginning to end. Most of my work is residential. I have done some commercial design as well. 

Services offered: 

  • Interior floor plan changes
  • Kitchen design and remodel
  • Bathroom design and remodel
  • Hand drawn plans for remodel, interior and exterior design treatments, some plan sets for permits. 
  • Project and construction management from simple projects to complicated projects such as hillside addition.
  • All design projects and treatments for home, office and creative spaces. 
  • Cost conscience streamlined approach for all projects and especially investment properties. 

Good questions are hard to come by these days… When designing here are some of mine:

Do we need permits for this project?

What is the scope and budget? Can we accomplish our goals given the budget and time restraints? 

Is this owner builder or will a general contractor manage construction? (I can help you get your project done under both scenarios) 

Is this an investment property or is this for personal use? This will affect what decisions we make at every level. 

Will we need other team members? If so I have architects, engineers, landscape designers, etc whom I have worked closely with on many projects. 

 I do not consider myself stuck in one genre. But I probably do lean more towards restoring a house verses drastically changing it.  Ultimately I like anything that is done well whether its modern, vintage or somewhere in between. Thanks for visiting my site and feel free to reach out if you need some help. 


John Douglas