The Journey 

          For the last twenty years I have been painting murals, creating art, flipping houses, doing reality TV and most importantly cultivating a network of people I really enjoy working with and they with me. I have also done interior design, restored old fireplaces and started a home staging company.

A brief history along with my most notable experiences:

1999: Worked under the muralist Kevin Stuart McGee in Pomona CA.

2000 to 2005: Full time artisan doing mural painting, stenciling, decorative painting and tile/masonry restoration.  

2005 to 2010: Full time residential designer specializing in historic homes. 

2008 to 2010: Repurposed a 6000 square foot laboratory where the Richter scale was developed into a single family home in Pasadena. 

2010: Did surface restoration and color forensics for the Jenny Reeves house in Long Beach CA. (A Greene and Greene home... think Gamble House in Pasadena) 

2011 to 2016: Partnered with a commercial warehouse owner to develope a large several buildings into an art's colony at 5811 S. Broadway in Los Angeles. We emptied it, subdivided and populated the buildings with artists and makers. 

2011 to 2015: Was creative director for Reinhabit ( where we flipped many fantastic homes in the LA area. 

2012 to 2016: Founded LA Salvage Staging Company where we did home staging, design and wedding rentals. 

2015: Filmed a pilot for HGTV with my associates from Reinhabit featuring a home flip we were doing in Highland Park. The name of it was "Three Dads and a House". It never aired. Can't imagine why....

2016: Appeared on a few episodes of "Restored" (A new DIY Network show) where I got to do some stenciling, decorative painting and home decorating. 

Currently based out of Long Beach looking for my next flip, doing design, staging and filming season two of Restored.