John is on restored! a new diy show...


Be sure to tune in to catch this awesome show!

         Not only is this show fun, inspiring and educational but the people who made it possible are a blast as well! Brett Waterman, who hosts the show, has an infectious personality and he is no different on and off camera. He is not some actor they groomed to do just enough for camera and then drop the paint brush or whatever he was doing the minute they cut the scene. He was always busy building, designing, painting or whatever was called for to finish these amazing historic homes. 

        As for me I appear in approximately four episodes as a decorator and decorative painter. I had the pleasure of furnishing some of these homes and also doing some really fun stenciling in all kinds of places... We even reproduced some original stenciling we found in one of the homes. This was a great project to participate in and I hope it returns for season two!